How can I use my NFC-Implant to trigger automations? (NFC tag_id format)

I have an existing NFC payment implant that I would like to use to trigger automations with.

When I use the companion app to create a new NFC Tag the ID does look somewhat like this:

tag_id: a4778414-e79e-4ac0-b343-0b4fe9b4xxxx

But when I use an external NFC App to scan my implant the ID looks like this:


Since I can not write to the Implant I’d like to create a tag within the HomeAssistant app with the ID of the implant. I do fail to do so and suspect that it’s a formatting issues somehow.

Anyone? Thanks!

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Sooo by searching one more time I found out it is related to tag data and tag id

Any chance I can get to scan the nfc-implant and trigger a tag_scanned event?

It affects any other read-only NFC Tags.
I would also like to use any random NFC Tags - Nowadays you can find them around for free:
The old bank-card that got replaced by the bank for whatever reason, the outdated mobility pass or a 10-entries Card from the local Swimmingpool…

I would strongly suggest to modify the NFC Tag so that HA scans the NFC ID and triggers the event based on the ID.

BTW, I realized that HA writes an URL into the NFC Tag with the url - this might be a nice feature if you are using home assistant cloud.
I have HA online behind a NGINX Reverse Proxy and would like to either write my own url into the tags or just use the plain Tags and their NFC ID.