How do I change 'supervised ha' 32bit to 'supervised ha' 64 bit easiest?

I’m going to attempt at moving my raspbian 32bit with external SSD on my pi4 to a raspbian64bit with external ssd.
It is running HA as ‘supervised’ install, so it’s running in an auto starting docker. Is there an easy way of upgrading it to 64bit?
If not, can you explain me steps to tear down the 32bit properly, so that I can set the 64bit install in motion?
It’s not that big of a job to build it all over with a fresh install of raspbian, but it seems excessive to do a clean slate like that.

Hmm,ok, so that didn’t work. I guess it’s manjaro instead then…

Ok, this has been an interesting ride.
I found the ubuntu server 19.10 to be the easiest path.
So I installed it on both the SD card, and the SSD drive with balena.
On the SD card I removed the root partition, so it was only available on the SSD.
Then I started it, and before I could do anything, it was switching the boot to the SSD, wow, no editing, it just worked immediately.
So after that I followed the usual supervised install of HA, and did a restore.

Challenges after that.
The MariaDB didn’t work, which resulted in logbook, recorder and a lot of basic stuff failed. So I had to uninstall that, and reinstall it, that unfortunately made me loose the history, but now it works, and a lot of the other problems went away.

Now I’m having an issue with the SMHI integration, it complains about it, but I can’t remove it for some odd reason.

Other than that it works, and it’s really fast now, wow, there’s definetely a difference there.