How do I change the order of my views/tabs?

Seems like a simple request but I can’t find anything definitive. I have my groups split into separate files and I want to control the ordering of the views/tabs. I’ve found how to order items within a group but I don’t care about that and don’t really want to manually order hundreds of items. I just want to order the 7 or 8 views that I have. What’s strange is that the current ordering seems to have no rhyme or reason. It’s not alphabetical for either the view or the file name. What determines the ordering of views?

I’m pretty sure it’s as simple as they display based on the order they are listed in your group section. left to right = top to bottom.

What about a group created by a package? It just seemingly throws stuff on the screen anywhere…

I don’t use packages so I’ve got nothing for you on that one.

at the bottom of this page it explains how to do it

that’s how you order the groups in a view but i’m not sure that will work for groups that are also a ‘view’.

Mine just show up across the top in the order they are listed.

mine do too except for those in packages which are squeezed in between. I haven’t tried the above but thought it would be worth a try as I’m sure I saw someone elses config on Github that used that process for the tabs

Thanks @sparkydave I think that is the answer. I might have a play with that. At the moment I have everything in the home page and have not played with different tabs… Cheers.

Each of my groups is in a separate file in a \group directory so there is no order in an individual file. I’ve looked at the group component and I’ve tried ordering by my groups, per the documentation, as well as my views and I don’t see any change to the order of the views. I’m going to create a view file under \group and put my views there in the order I want and see what that does.

That’s kind of the way mine are arranged. All of my views are in one groups/group_views.yaml file. It works fine doing it that way.

As per @sparkydave:

I did the same in my customization and groups/tabs appear in the order I want them.
Feel free to refer to my github for inspiration:

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Do they line up across the top because of the “order:” specification or because they are listed in the same numerical order from top to bottom?

If you move the top to bottom listing around (out of numerical order) but leave the order number the same will they change?

I really don’t know.

I don’t have my views with the “order:” customized and they show the way I want too.

Because of the order number as this is listed in the customization area, not in the group definition area (which is where groups would be loaded from)
I just listed them in the oder I want to make it easier to keep track of my counts/numbers :slight_smile:

Ok, I solved my problem by creating a file called tabs.yaml, putting it under my \groups folder and then placing my views within this file in the order I want. Not the most intuitive thing but it works. I did not have to specify an actual order.

To be clear, I had many files under a group directory; I didn’t have a single group.yaml file. I. using this pattern in my configuration.yaml

group: !include_dir_merge_named group/

That’s basically the pretty much the exact way I have mine set up.

You don’t technically have to split out your config like that for it to work tho. I just split mine up a couple of weeks ago. before then I just had all of the groups and views all together in one groups.yaml file and the views still listed across as they were listed down.

but I’m glad you got it working.

It sounds like you are saying you have one groups.yaml file and it was working. I have multiple files under a group directory and it wasn’t working because I can’t list them all in order since they are in multiple files.

I did have them all in one file up until a couple of weeks ago. And they displayed properly because they were listed in order in that file.

Now I have my config split into different files using the same !include statement as you do above. They display correctly now because they are all listed in the desired order in a file called groups_views.yaml.