How do I control my xy color light via mqtt when x/y are on separate topics?

Hi, I’m new here and I’m struggling to control the colour of a bulb. I think it is because the x and y are on separate topics but I may be wrong as I’ve only used HA for a few days and this is my first experience with YAML too.

Using the code below I can control on/off and brightness

    - unique_id: Test_Light
      name: "Test Light"
      command_topic: 'mqtt/moes_bulbgu10_01/set/state'
      state_topic: 'mqtt/moes_bulbgu10_01/state'
      brightness_command_topic: 'mqtt/moes_bulbgu10_01/set/brightness'

I’ve tried many things from here that relate to x/y but I’m really struggling (read many posts too):

My topics are:

'mqtt/moes_bulbgu10_01/color_mode', payload 'color_temp'
'mqtt/moes_bulbgu10_01/color-x', payload '0.3804'
'mqtt/moes_bulbgu10_01/color-y', payload '0.3767'
'mqtt/moes_bulbgu10_01/color-hue', payload '40'
'mqtt/moes_bulbgu10_01/color-saturation', payload '49'
'mqtt/moes_bulbgu10_01/brightness', payload '175'
'mqtt/moes_bulbgu10_01/state', payload 'ON'
'mqtt/moes_bulbgu10_01/linkquality', payload '135'
'mqtt/moes_bulbgu10_01/color_temp', payload '250'

I would really appreciate any help with this, many thanks.

Will be cumbersome at best if X / Y / Hue /Sat are on different topics.
What is publishing the MQTT messages?

I thought it looked to be a difficult one (especially for a noob!).

zigbee2mqtt via Mosquitto.

I understand there is another way to add z2m to HA but I’m actually moving from openhHAB so I would prefer to do it this way if at all possible.

You expose yourself to a lot of headache, if even possible.
I strongly encourage you to follow the supported way.

OK, if a long time user such as yourself says it’s a headache then for me it would be nightmare!

I’ll try the recommended way for my zigbee items (I assume that’s the method bellow) and will will bring my other/simple items over using my original method.

Many thanks for your advice, I could have lost days getting my head around this!