How do I delete a Lovelace UI Card


Properly a silly question - but how do I delete a Lovelace card from the UI?
When I’m in the Overview section and select Configure UI I do get into the “Editor mode” where I can add or change cards. When I press the 3 vertical dots in the lower right corner of the card I do get 2 options - Move and Delete and while Move appears to work fine - Delete doesn’t do anything.
I’ve tried to restart HA but it doesn’t change the result.
I’m running the latest 0.89.2 on a Raspberry Pi 3B+


In editor mode, if you select the upper right menu again, you get to the raw mode editor.


So I did try that and deleted the lines which I believe belonged to the entities I couldn’t delete. The problem then was that I couldn’t save and exit the Raw Editor!
I even tried to reboot HA but when it was back up it was still in the Raw Editor mode!
Any suggestions ? Also - shouldn’t Delete work for the UI Cards?



hello, make sure you have only one web page Home assistant open, I had the same problem tonight


It also may be a popup or ad-blocker issue. It pops up a confirmation dialog when you hit “delete”. I had to disable all of my web blocking extensions to get the various pieces of Hass to work.