How do I get back original overview dashboard?


HA noob here but Linux power user here. I have HA OS on a raspberry pi 4.

I was just familiarizing myself with the user interface, and selected the slider for take control. I now have a blank Lovelace UI which I’m done messing with for now. Now I can’t get back to the original overview dashboard where added devices/entities are automatically added to the dashboard. How do I get back to the original stock dashboard at the time of installation? It had a weather app, shows my zigbee and zwave devices, and my single added light in using for testing. I’ve searched config files and don’t find a toggle. I’m fascile with ssh and bash/zsh.

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Under configuration -> lovelace dashboards, click the + sign


Then click the new one -> set default on this device


Then click the old one -> delete


Thank you very much. Such a quick reply. Where is this documention on this if you know?

I also grepped around the config directory an couldn’t find the title of my renamed Lovelace UI. Where are those configurations kept?

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I don’t know, but probably in one of the json’s in the hidden .storage directory

Easiest way is to open configure UI, select 3 dot menu again and edit raw config, highlight everything and delete it. when you save you will be back to an auto-generated UI again. This was documented in the release notes a few versions ago and probably in main docs as well I expect.

/config/.storage/lovelace.* contains your lovelace config. There will be one file for each dashboard you have created but you should not be screwing around in there.


Thank you for this info as well.