How do I get the backend option to show up in the theme selector?

I set my configuration yaml file to use custom themes and installed the google theme. However, there is no backend choice in the theme selector so I can’t set it to be the default theme. How do i get the backend to show up in theme selector? What files do i need to look at?

Could we see the relevant bit of your configuration.yaml? Please paste it as preformatted text (</> in the toolbar) so that the indentation comes out correctly.

Here is the configuration yaml `

Load frontend themes from the themes folder

themes: !include_dir_merge_named themes

Text to speech

This is a copy of the theme selector.

I think the google theme and the default theme are the same thing. I somehow changed the name of the default theme to home assistant. Hey thanks for responding! Let me know what you think.


I think there were changes in a recent version of the frontend so that “backend selected” no longer appears in the dropdown list. I now just have “Use default theme”. My default theme is called default_ha.

I don’t think you need this bit. My themes are all in the themes folder and the system looks there automatically.

Great !! Thanks for the advice. Brandon