How do I hide YAML-based automations from the GUI? Is this even possible?

This is my first time really getting into using the GUI for things, as we’re slowly being forced to do that in lieu of command-line YAML configuration. Each new release breaks something that must now be setup in the GUI instead, such as MQTT in the recent release.

I have some YAML-based automations that I don’t want to appear under Configuration > Automations & Scenes.

Any suggestion I’ve found online fails to work. The parameter “hide_entity: true” doesn’t work, and also throws a deprecation warning.

I’ve found suggestions to remove Administration privileges from users as a workaround, and that’s not a workable solution.

Is this even possible?

Keep in mind that Automations built using the UI are also stored in YAML, in automations.yaml. If you want to have another set (or more than one) which are not editable via the UI, you can put them into another file and use the include-file mechanism to bring them into the configuration. Here are the docs on how to do that.

The Automations will still be visible in the UI, but not editable there.

That’s what I’m doing. I have no problem with that. I want to be able to hide automations from the GUI though. Do you know how to do that?

You want to have the ‘Automations’ section in the Configuration area removed?

It’s not possible; all automations that Home Assistant employs are automatically displayed in the list of available automations in the UI.

I want to hide certain automations from the Configuration area.

Based on @123’s responses, this is not possible.

I think you can do this by removing the id from the automation you want to hide.

However this will also prevent the automation trace from working.

The automation itself will still work and can be edited in yaml using a text editor.

Unfortunately, removing the ID doesn’t remove it from the GUI. You just can’t edit it from the GUI. However, you can still enable/disable it which is what I’m trying to prevent from happening.

The automations displayed in the Automations list represent the automations Home Assistant has loaded on startup (or Reload Automations). There’s no facility to hide some of them from the list.

Apparently, in the past, adding “hide_entity: true” to the automation allowed them to be hidden.

If we want to discuss ancient history, that option allowed for hiding an automation from the auto-generated view created by the old States UI (predecessor of Lovelace UI), not the list of automations seen in Configuration > Automations.

There is possibility to split automations into two files (ui and manual label):
Why there is no configuration option to hide all automations with manual label?