HOw do I install a 3rf party inergration

Have install the base and can add a intergration/addon for the default ones but trying to install the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum I try and add that repo but just does not add it.

Bit confused that the addons on the website are not there by default

Integrations and add-ons are completely different things.

What are you trying to install?

The Xiaomi vac and the Kodi one.
I did look at the link but make no sense to me.

What doesn’t make sense?

You add this to your configuration yaml.

  - platform: xiaomi_miio
    token: YOUR_TOKEN

You can get your token by installing the python script on any computer on the network running python… literally any computer.

So what part is confusing?

Anything that is listed here is built in to home assistant. You can add those integrations (what used to be known as components) either by configuration.yaml or by the integrations page on the web interface. Just follow the instructions on the individual integration page.

Hope that helps.

It does, guess that just seemed far to easy to me.