How do I install Home Assistant on a Synology NAS

As a result of the Insteon shutdown, I would like to install Home Assistant so that I can use my existing Insteon hub and devices. I recently read a post that someone install it on the Synology NAS, which I’ve been using for a few years as a backup as well as a photo and video dipository. If this is possible and can work with the Insteon hub, I would like to know more. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

I cannot comment on Insteon as no (!) experience at all
I have 218+ with 6Gb and started my HA setup on Syno with docker which worked fine until I started to add more consuming containers as deepstack and probably also related to the video streams related to my cams. Then I moved part of it to a second-hand NUC with 8G and Ubuntu 21.10
In the end, I found the docker install on Syno as stable as on Ubuntu
The benefit of Syno is indeed an easier integration with its video/music but honestly, that is also configurable from my NUC with some ploughing through the how-to’s.
As I had no hardware issues with my NUC, I am OK with this but I can also imagine that if the Syno is setup with some sort of RAID then one is safer there.
Long story short: if you are OK with HA under docker…then Syno can do it

First off, is your Synology NAS a “plus” model? If it is a “j” model or non-plus, it probably doesn’t have an Intel processor and support for Docker and VMM is not included. I bricked a DS216j trying to force Docker onto it, before I broke down and bought a DS918+.

Second suggestion is to download/install the VMware full HA OS system image, and run it as a VM under VMM on the Synology NAS. The base Docker install is just that, and much of the added features come from a full HA OS supervised install.

The one gotcha is that Synology does not save the USB port mappings for a VM between NAS reboots, so you will need to manually attach the port each time you reboot the NAS if you use a USB stick for Z-Wave or Zigbee.

Some people have issues with DSM 7.x, so I’d suggest staying with 6.x if you haven’t upgraded the Synology firmware yet…

I have a DS916+ with an Intel Pentium processor using a RAID configuration. Before receiving vreihen’s post, I downloaded the latest version of homeassistant/home-assistant. It appears to have installed properly but now I 'm hesitating on how to configure it.

Throw away the Docker and download the full VMware HA OS image to run under VMM. HA OS includes the Docker platform, the HA core Docker image, the Supervisor image, and automagically maintains the whole setup…

I’m running on a Ds918+ also on docker. Works great. What I like is I can run multiple versions at the same time - to test upgrades or to develop stuff. If you have specific questions be glad to help.