How do i reuse a setup to create a similar one. Blueprints for sensors?

I have a really nice setup that i would like to replicate, i first felt that Blueprints could be the way but i don’t think its fully supported.

My current scenario.
I need to water my plants regularly at home. I have a NFC tag under my water can that i can scan with my mobile to say that its watered. I then have a flow that waits X numbers of days and if i have not watered my plants before that i get a push notification to my mobile each morning and night until i have watered my plants and scanned the NFC tag.

This is setup with 3 Helpers + 1 Tag

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: "Plants needs water"
        value_template: >-
          {% set time_now = as_timestamp(states('sensor.date_time').replace(',', '')) %}

          {{ (((states.input_datetime.plants_watered.attributes.timestamp)-time_now) | int /60/1440) | round(1) <= ((states('input_number.plants_water_interval') | int + 0.5) * -1) }}

        icon_template: >-
          {% if is_state('binary_sensor.plant_needs_water', 'on') %}
          {% else %}
          {% endif %}
alias: Plants - Last watered updated
description: ''
  - platform: tag
    tag_id: 0869353f-456b-4815-85e4-8317865dec81
condition: []
  - service: input_datetime.set_datetime
      entity_id: input_datetime.plants_watered
      timestamp: '{{ now().timestamp() }}'
mode: single

Push notification is setup thru Node-RED

Now i love this smart home setup that i want to replicate it to more maintenance tasks

  • Outdoor plants
  • Trash
  • Cleaning of filters
  • All kinds of home maintenance
  • You name it

Instead of having to setup all of this manually i want to find a smartarter system, like function support.

  • I want a way to create the 3 needed sensors and 1 Tag, by just providing the name, icon if done, icon if missing. For example i provide name trash, Sensors and tags gets created with style input_<type>.maintenance_<name>

I can then create a smarter automation or thru Node-RED that’s iterates all maintenance sensors to identify and calculates if we should send push notification.

So now i need some help to see if this is supported? Or do i need to manually do this? Or how can i request this awesome feature to better support reusability? :smiley: