How do I set target temperature for eurotronic spirit zigbee thermostats?

I’m unsure of how these works.
I have quite a few automations built that does night mode and reacts on window open so the heat is turned of.
But is there a setpoint that the thermostat remembers, when the mode is changed, or do I need to set the temperature every time?
My old thermostats from eurotronic that ran via the fritz!box had the tempeature settings, so it would just switch between the two settings, one for eco (night) and one for heat.
But I don’t see the same possibility here?
I could just make two variables show on the lovelace which would hold the target temperature for each, but for me, that is kind of silly if it’s built-in somehow :slight_smile:

hey did you find a solution for this? Im having the same problem

I did a big node-red flow, and just force the temperature at every change :slight_smile: