How do I spoof MAC address on PC running HA OS

I am switching from HA running on an Android box to a tiny PC running the official version of HA OS on x86-64 PC.
I really would love to be able to just turn off the Android and turn on the PC and everything work. More to the point quickly revert back when it doesn’t. My router assigns the IP based on MAC and it is a real pain to force it to change IP manually.
I looked at the solution for the RPi to spoof mac but I don’t have access to the underlying Linux. Anybody got a suggestion please?

Can’t you just go to your router and change the dhcp reservation to use the MAC address to the one for your new system?

You should have access to the OS. Attach a monitor and a keyboard and type login at the ha > prompt. You should get to a root shell.

However, I don’t think changing the MAC address is the right way to go. What router are you using?

The router is a Fritz box 7530. Whilst a great device changing ip addresses was almost impossible last time I tried.