How do I transmit codes via Sonoff RF Bridge to an RGBW light?

I found the @pinkywafer excellent video on the esphome rfbridge (THANKYOU), that took me through the steps to get all the sensors up and running, and they are running beautifully and lightning fast.
Now I need to control my RF light as well.
It is a RGBW light that is controlled via an RF remote.

So I have no idea where to start
I need to set up a light, and the light should be controlled both by an RF wall switch (that I already have set up in the bridge), and HA.
The light can dim.
Further the light has colors and effects that I would like to control as well.
But the dim and the colours are all relative, ie. I can not send a code for a value, except true red, green, blue, and mix pink, purple and yellow, but to vary on the dim and the colours, it’s a question of pressing ‘more’ or ‘less’ on the remote.
I have all the codes of course.

I have started with this:

  - platform: template
    name: Switch 1
    id: switch_1
    optimistic: true
    assumed_state: true
        code: 'xxx'
        protocol: 1
        repeat: 3
        code: 'xxx'
        protocol: 1
        repeat: 3

That @beikeland created, and swapped it with light, but that is not accepted.

To start with I just want to turn the light on and off, and then I can later try to get the effects and colours working.