How do I use a yeelight and broadlink integrations without static ip?

I’m using hassio and I want to be able to use my yeelight lamp and broadlink remote-control in my home network. these integrations require IP in the config.yaml.
The problems:

  1. No static IP- I don’t have access to my router configuration and therefore can’t assign static IP to these devices.
  2. No hostname - my devices don’t have a hostname.

I would really appreciate help :grinning:

Yeelight doesn’t require YAML configuration, it can be setup through the UI and automatically find yoir devices. The same goes for Broadlink. Are your devices not showing up there?

Get a new router xD

yes, they are showing up, but I’m not the administrator and I don’t want the integration to break when they’ll get a new IP address.

What do you mean with this?

I don’t think it will break when the IP is changed, but you’d need to test this. I assume you only have this problem when you define an IP in configuration.yaml.

If it breaks when the IP is changed, then I think you are out of luck when you are not able to set static IPs or hostnames.

The network is a public dormitories LAN and I don’t have access to the router’s configuration.
I’ll check if it breaks the integration and let you know… Any way, no solution in case it stops working? Thanks!