How do you add a BK7231 device to ESPHome?

I was very glad to read that BK7231 was added to ESPHome, but I don’t know how to go about it:

  1. There are the ways to “fool” the thing using Tuya this-or-that
  2. There is the UART way which I prefer.
    But for creating the binary, it also seems there are multiple ways:
    A. Install a separate Add-On that deals with the NON-ESP devices
    B. Use the ESPHome Add-On, select ESP32, then just replace the device/board type with the BK7231 boards/names in the YAML file.
    If B works, why can’t there be a BK (and the other new devices) to select and continue?
    Main reason I ask, is because all the time we find old instructions that were necessarily cumbersome at the time, then there’s often an easier way.
    Which is the way here to get a binary for the BK7231?
    Thank youse :slight_smile:

That probably gets fixed on later update where you can actually choose the bk72xx board. Till then, you’ll need to manually edit the board name.

There’s the ota way with cloudcutter if your device firmware is not patched yet. Just need to run the script, reset the device to ap mode twice and it’s done.