How do you show Covers in Lovelace UI?

Any and all ideas are welcome !

Hiding the slider by default because I would hit it by accident. A lot.

Nice @Emphyrio, I just saw custom:slider-entity-row by @thomasloven which is very nice
What are you using to achieve this functionality ?

What you said :slight_smile: A slider in a conditional card. Also, I use a cover template. That way I can set an input_boolean ‘manually controlled’, that indicates the automation for automatic control should keep its hands off for a while.

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Unfortunately I have not yet understood which card was used here. How did you manage the controls? I would also like to use this card to control my awning.

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This is not one card. They are simply entity, slider and buttons in horizontal and vertical stacks.

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Could you post a copy of the code you used for this?

I’m sorry, but I replaced this code. If I would do this again, I would look at putting the slider in a popup by browser_mod.

@Emphyrio How did you implement your input_boolean manual controlled template? I have a bunch of ‘dumb’ Tuya curtain switches are not aware about the motor positions (neither by a fake time position…) so I’m seeking for something else that allow me to simulate the positions by using operation time (of the curtain motor/switch) … Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Can’t help you there. I use Z-wave, it is aware of the position.