How does Aqara P1 sensor occupancy function work?

I have looked at the Apara site and YT; maybe I missed something. I do not understand how occupancy works.

I have HA Green and the blue SkyConnect module for my Zigbee. I am using it to connect my Aqara P1 motion sensors because the Aqara Hub M2 will not pickup LUX in HA; only motion is what I see using the hub in HA.

With the SkyConnect, I now see:

Motion (always been there)

The last two are new to me. What I do not understand with occupancy…

  1. In HA, those options are shown under Zigbee. Occupancy times out at an unknown time before it shows “clear.” What is that time? it does not follow the motion timeout setting

  2. Can it be changed? The only time I can change it is the delay in motion detection.

Newbie at this but I would like to use occupancy in my kitchen:
If kitchen lights come on after midnight
If Aqara kitchen P1 sees no occupancy (detection), clear, then turn off the lights

Again, I do know the delay in occupancy. Will it keep checking until it becomes “clear” to turn off the lights if still in the kitchen or a 1-time check?

Any feedback on how occupancy works?