How is Assist supposed to work?

I have the companion app on my iphone. I can click on the assist icon on the dashboard and in the chat window I can type commands like “turn on blah blah light” and it does that. Really fast.

But when I tap the mic I instantly get a - Home Assistant did not hear anything - What gives?

You have to enable access to the microphone for the HA app. seems things have changed and this isn’t the issue.

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Same for me, iPhone instantly displays alert. I do not see any option to enable access to microphone in iPhone privacy settings, nor any option to enable microphone in HA settings… So, this is the issue?

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I can’t get it to work at all. All I ever get is “Sorry, I couldn’t understand that.”

I downloaded both shortcuts on my iPhone, verified the language was correct in both, and set the server in both to my HA Yellow server. I have the latest version of the app on my phone.

I get the same problem here. I can’t find a solution.

Here is a recording of how it behaves:

In Firefox on Ubuntu, I don’t even see a micriphone icon. I do in Brave, but clicking it instantly returns <Home Assistant did not hear anything>. I’ve opened every permission I can find in Firefox to allow my HA website access to the microphone, but no dice. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

FYI, on a Pixel 4XL in the HA app, I could see the micriphone icon and it worked (I told HA to turn off a light and it did).