How long should home assistant take to reboot or start up?

I have HASS. Usually a HA restart would take two minutes. Now It seems to take 15 before everything is ready.

A VM reboot used to take 10min, now I may as well wait 30 before trying.

I’m talking about a year ago vs now.
Is this normal?

My i7-1165G7 NUC restarts in 70 to 75 seconds. This is spent waiting for the 3rd party Dahua integration to set up. The next slowest to set up is the core Daikin integration that takes 43 seconds.

Look in Settings → System → Repairs → Overflow menu (three dots) → Integration setup time. This shows the timestamps when your integrations were set up.


I’m on a heavily loaded Rpi48g 8g

Restart currently takes approximately 90 seconds and full cold restart of the box takes approximately 2min.

Any VM on a reasonable platform should beat the heck out of that.

I’m running HA container in docker on a RPi4 2GB. A HA restart takes about 60 seconds.

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Everything seems similar to yours. However, I’m 20 minutes after powering on My synology which runs the VM and I’m still waiting for z2m To be completely started.

A lot of the time I can open the Companion app after about 5 minutes. But things are still loading and the dashboards are incomplete.

Look at the z2m addon logs.

Also that is a very long time for the supervisor to load.

A VM a NAS isn’t going to be very fast.

This is what I understand:

Before it seemed to be like this:
NAS crash = VM restart - 2min
Then HAOS load = 5-10min
HA load = 2min - web ui ready
addons within load = 2-3min

So if I press Developer → Restart it should only be the last 2 parts about 5min?

But eg I just did a HAOS update now. It’s been 30min and VM only using 5% cpu, connecting to it says HA CLI not ready.

I gave it 4gb ram, what can I do to make this more usable?
I see the VM is 30gb of 32gb used. Where is this space used and where can I clean it up? I assume it’s backups or sth? Or should I give it more space? I have plenty in the nas.

I’m experiencing the same problem with a HAOS VM on a unraid server, every reboot takes ages.
Looking into the terminal it take all that time on this task:

[ ] A start job is running for HAOS swap (…)

During this process the VM image file grows significantly. It’s my second reboot, the file initially had about 700MB, the first time I rebooted it was taking 3GB, I rebooted again now and it’s already at 5.1GB and growing…

What could be wrong with this? Of course after it starts everything works fine…

full restart (with HA OS loading) about 5 min!
x86 celeron N5105, 8Gb, SSD 256Gb