How to add GJ to the Energy Dashboard?

I’m billed in GJ and able to read data from the meter using the MC66C integration. Just like water and electricity, heat is brought into my home. ENECO now has issued a fixed price on the “prijsplafond” which I want to monitor in HA’s Energy Dashboard.

What is the best way to do this?


I have the same question(s).
Right now I use this solution, where at the end the GigaJoules are converted to m3 so it can be used as gas measurements in the Energy dashboard. This also allows you to use separate cost calculations, assuming you don’t already have gas measurements.

Still, it’s not the nicest way to handle city/block heating measurements. In terms of environment, gas is pretty much the opposite of heat energy coming from a ground heat pump.

I would love H.A. to add another energy source where you can use GJ.

As for the “prijs plafond”, that seems very specific to the Netherlands and is probably temporary, but then again many H.A. users are from the Netherlands, so…