How to add Manufacturer specific commands

I need to be able to send a manufacturer specific command to put a device into a particular mode to make it work – is there documentation/an example somewhere of creating a quirk to do it?

I’ve got the hang of creating a quirk, but I’m not sure how to send the actual data out, or how to add a “command” to appear in Home Assistant.

Ideally I want to to use “manage Zigbee device” and then add “commands” or “attributes” under the “manufacturerSpecificCluster” can someone point me to a good example/docs please?

Thanks, but I couldn’t find the docs on that page for what I want – I’m looking to write the quirk and expose a ManufacturerSpecific attribute/command to Home Assistant. I’ve written a quirk before (but with standard clusters), but I’m looking for starting points to write another, this time exposing ManufacturerSpecific attributes.

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