How to add new remote protocol?

Hi everyone,

I’m struggling with IR remote protocols, it seems that the detected protocols are not really matching my remote.
In short I have two AC units (of the same brand), when receiving signals from the existing remotes, LG protocol is detected but it decode the same codes for many configurations of the remote. For example the same temperature but in different HVAC mode, or the same temperature with different fan speed, produce the same codes.
When listening to RAW codes I can clearly see the different waves.

So, what I wanted to do is to create new external component with new remote protocol that I will fit to my AC units.
Problem is I don’t know how to do it properly, and I can’t find a reference or example for that. I can reference any of the existing protocols by copying the cpp and h files, but what about the __, and what is the “component_type”.py I need.
I do have little experience with creating external components, I did a simple test for climate component and it works properly (did it the local way btw)
But again, can’t figure out how to do it for the remote protocol.

Just to clarify, I know I can send correct codes to my AC units with pronto or raw, but I also want to listen to my existing remote and decode the signals and send the data to HA, just like other remote protocols do with climate component.
So new remote protocol seem the correct way to do it.

Appreciate any help, thanks.

Decode AC ir protocol is not a simple task. I have done few, some are easier but some are very tricky. Are you 100% sure that your AC hasn’t been decoded already?
What model you have?

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Definitely not an easy task, but doable I think.

My unit is from a local brand called Saga which is a subsidiary of a local company called Tornado.
As I mentioned, when dumping the receiver signals the only identified protocol is LG, which doesn’t work…

Brands are brands, but there are only few manufacturers for air conditioners.
Mini split? What model?

Do you have arduino ide installed?

It’s a mini split.
I found a sticker inside the unit with these details:
Manufacturer: Aux
Model: SAGA-INV-22 X EU
Type: ASW-H18E3A4

I did try to use HeatpumpIR as platform for climate and aux as protocol but this did not work as well.

So, apparently there’s no strict connection between the detected IR protocol and the climate platform/protocol.
I just tried a few of the available platforms and found one that works for me.

In other topics on how to set the IR climate platform people always say to see what are the identified protocols from the receiver with the original remote, and set the platform accordingly (as I did for another AC unit I have).

anyway, @Karosm thanks for trying to help, it did get me wonder and try.

So you tried HeatpumpIr with Aux protocol?

If you have arduino ide, try with this library and raw receiver code. It gives you step forward.