How to add Polymer to HA 2023.5.4?

Hello mates

I have upgraded to HA 2023.5.4 and I have a lot of cards that use Polymer, how can I load Polymer please to HA, as I have absolutely no idea?


I’m pretty sure that is up to the custom card developer to load that when the card loads.

I was never able to figure it out how to do that when updating my plugins for the polymer deprecation so I was forced into trying to figure out how to update to Lit instead. Luckily there was another user who knew more than I did about that too and they were able to show me how to do it.

but I guess what I’m trying to say is that you need to contact the card developer to update their card.

And if you are the card developer then updating from polymer to Lit is likely the best way to go.

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Hello mate

Thanks for the reply, I agree with you that updating the card to lit is the way to go but I have no idea how it is done, would you be able to explain what the other user did to convert the card from polymer to lit?


which card are you referring to?

Are you the developer or is it someone else’s?