How to approach this

I would like to have some signs from an rgb lamp in my living room, where I can program it to
Open a red light if my garage door is open
Open a green light if the weather is raining etc

I need something small and elegant otherwise my wife will not remove it.
Any ideas what to choose?

You could use something like WLED with the Luminxa v2.2.2. You can easily tuck that out of direct sight while having the light it produces visible.

Yes, it looks interesting!
didn’t knew that such product exists.

the problem is that I am in Europe and I would prefer to order it from around here.
according to their site the sipping cost is 6$ but I have heard that sometimes imports from US have import taxes etc and I am bit afraid of that.
I just asked if they have representative in europe but their online support haven’t answered yet.

As pointed out by tinkerer: Use WLED.
About the hardware:
Any ESP8266 + LED-Board/module should do.
These options are cheap and easy to get in Europe.


should be ~10€ for everything (simple soldering required)

an other option is to buy an ESP8266-based light and flash it with Tasmota

EDIT: (You have to flash it not “flush” it as I wrote before.
If you spoil the board while flashing Tasmota then you can flush it afterwards :smiley: )

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Thanks both of you, I think this is the best solution so I will use WLED and now I start looking for the right hardware for wemos d1 mini. (I will order 2-3 of them because I am sure at least one will be flushed :))