How to assign a unique ID to an Ewelink device

Good evening,
I recently entered the world of Home Assistant and I’m adding the various smart devices that I have scattered around the house.
I added some smart relays via ewelink integration, only that these do not receive any unique ID from home assistant and therefore are practically unconfigurable in any type of scene (at least in the attempts I made).
I would therefore like to know if it was possible to assign an ID manually.
Thank you and good evening.

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I don’t think you can assign an unique_id manually.

I have now flashed my devices with ESPHome, but before that I used this integration:

Which I find superior to the eWeLink integration.

Hi and thank you for the replyHello and thanks for your reply.
I installed the integration you recommended and configured it correctly and it works great, so thank you very much!
However, the entities created by the ewelink integration remained within home assistant, even though I uninstalled it, do you have any idea how to resolve this?
perhaps hiding them from home assistant or deleting them permanently?

Try rebooting the system. Something orphaned entities hang around until a reboot. If not you’ll have to delete them manually.

Hello again,
I restarted a couple of times immediately after replying in the forum, but nothing.
now I checked the list of entities again and they disappeared, I performed another reboot to be safe and I confirm that they have disappeared.
Thanks for your help!

Nice! And yes, restarting isn’t always enough, you have to reboot. I’m happy that I could help a tiny bit :slightly_smiling_face:

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