How to change brightness / color / temp for multiple lights


I’m new to HA and this is my first topic. I hope someone can help me setup my light configuration.
Currently I have setup my lights (Milight) in HA through the MilightHub with MQTT.
I have 12 lights in a single room which all work fine single or in a light group.
The only thing i’m missing is to set the brightness / color / temp for the lights that are currently on and leaving the lights off which are currently off.
I can use the ‘all’ / ‘0’ group of the MilightHub but this switches all lights on when i change brightness (HA always send the state on).

Hopefully someone can help me or point me in the right direction.

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That is not an easy task I believe…
I would suggest you could try and make a “settings card” with input numbers or input selects with the colors and brightness and then have a button to “activate” the stuff.
This button runs a script that has a condition to each action to first look if the bulb is on.

Probably doable but nothing I have tried.

Thank you for your reply. I’ll try and build a settings card. Maybe someone has already build something similar and can share it with me? Would safe me a lot of time :slightly_smiling_face: