How to change the lightening bold on off display to the button slider

I have lights, switches and Input Boolean controlling items in the home. When the entities appear in the frontend they have different on off icons. Some have a slider and some a lightening bolt. The entities defined as light or input boolean have a slider. The entities defined as switch have a lightening bolt. However items defined as light that are using the “rtxtrx platform” despite being lights are shown as lightening bolts. How can I make sure they all show as button slider? As an example below Lounge LED is Light, platform mqtt. Item White is a light platform rtxtrx.

If the switch get a on/off back from the items it’s a slide switch but no feed back to the switch it’s the lightening bolt

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OK that makes sense. Thanks. Perhaps time to change the 433Mhz’s to sonoff’s :slight_smile:

only if they send a on and a off command

Try this in configuration.yaml

      assumed_state: false

That absolutely works.
Thank you so much.