How to change the name of an autodiscovered device?

I use Zigbee2MQTT to connect my Zigbee sensors to HA. Zigbee2MQTT does this by sending an autodiscovery MQTT message (grabbed by HA), and then sending the state the same way.

I added yesterday a device which got automatically assigned by Zigbee2MQTT a generic name, and also immediately pushed it to HA. I later modified the Zigbee2MQTT configuration, to add a friendly name:


But the bad was done - the generic name stuck as the default one.

Now, I also have other Zigbee sensors, and these ones have the friendly name as default:


I believe that they started like the new sensors, bit then during my experienmts I erased the whole .storage folder and when they got the messages back - they were with the friendly name.

My question: is there a way to rename a device in a gentle way, without tinkering with .storage and files within? (or simply erasing it and hoping for the best)

Go to Developer Tools -> States.
Select info icon, left to entity name.
Select ‘gear’ icon in upper right corner.
In the Settings tab change the Entity ID and click Update.

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Thank you (dziękuję :)) - this was exactly what I was looking for