How to check or update the status of a ZWave device

I bought a ENERWAVE ZWN-RSM2-PLUS duel relay and wanted have it control the light and the fan on my ceiling fan.
The relay unfortunately does not remember it’s last state and always defaults to off. The wall switch for this ceiling fan does not have a separate leg to the ceiling fan and currently switches the power on and off to the relay.
I have since moved the light off the relay and is it directly powered while the fan is still connected to the relay.
My hope was to setup something to monitor for the relay to be powered on and command it to On.

I tried to setup an automation script to look to see if the relay was off and then to switch it on. I also tried using the node change from asleep to awake and also dead to alive. Hassio doesn’t seem to update it’s status of the device.
In the Debug tools, If I command the device on, cut the power and turn it back, the relay is off, but hassio will always show it as on until I command it off and back on.

I’m new so sorry if I’m not using the correct terms, still learning.
Is there something I’m missing?