How to configure a smart LED so that it is manageable via the frontend?


I have a “smart LED” bulb (AITHINKER's AI_LIGHT, but I think this is a broader class of LEDs) which I flashed with ESPurna and presented to HA in configuration.yaml as (taken from ESPurna interface)

  - name: ch2_lampe_pixar
    platform: mqtt
    state_topic: ch2-lampe-pixar/relay/0
    command_topic: ch2-lampe-pixar/relay/0/set
    payload_on: 1
    payload_off: 0
    availability_topic: ch2-lampe-pixar/status
    payload_available: 1
    payload_not_available: 0
    brightness_state_topic: ch2-lampe-pixar/brightness
    brightness_command_topic: ch2-lampe-pixar/brightness/set
    rgb_state_topic: ch2-lampe-pixar/rgb
    rgb_command_topic: ch2-lampe-pixar/rgb/set
    color_temp_command_topic: ch2-lampe-pixar/mired/set
    white_value_state_topic: ch2-lampe-pixar/channel/3
    white_value_command_topic: ch2-lampe-pixar/channel/3/set

I then created two cards for it: a Light card and an Entity card:


None of them is perfect: the entity card only allows to switch on and off and the light card acts strange: one cannot switch it on/off by clicking on it, only by sliding the marker around. Then to switch it off I need to use the entity card.

My question: how should such a bulb be configured? Specifically: how to make it appear as a normal lamp (which can be switched on and off), with a settable brightness and colors - in Lovelace?


If you tap the bulb on your light card it will turn on and off. Works just fine for me


Ah, right. It has to be pressed slightly longer than the entity (a quick tap does nothing). Thanks for that.

Now I am left with the colors choice - how do you do that? OK, found it - it is in the “three dots” menu on the top of the card


Or long press the bulb


This does not work, unfortunately. I see a square (of the size of the bulb) flashing once under my finger but nothing appears.


Works for my TP-Link and Tuya light bulbs