How to configure Z-wave parameters using MQTT?

Can someone please explain how to find the ValueID of an OpenZWave node, in MQTT Explorer?

I’m trying to change the reporting intervals (parameters 111, 112 & 113) for the Aeotec Smart Switch 6 (ZW096), but the OpenZwave Web UI only allows a value of ‘0’ (zero) - which disables reporting. So I want to try the mqtt.publish service or MQTT Explorer directly.

Here is node 22 in MQTT explorer; where do I look please? (Tried Search but it finds nothing!)

And as an alternative, where is the ‘OpenZWave/1/command/’ to set parameters in MQTT Explorer directly, as suggested in this GitHub post:

My OpenZWave in MQTT Explorer isn’t showing it?

As far as I remember it’s inside the commandclass 112.

The command topic is not shown until you publish something there.

See my comment on a github issue here, where I set a paramter for an aeotec multisensor.

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Thanks @Burningstone, that got me on the right path to solving it.