How to connect to deconz REST API when it's a Hassio add-on?

I am trying to use the REST API with deconz in order to adjust my Hue sensors.

I have tried to look up the core.config_entries and found deconz. In there I found my API key, but also the host, which is “”, but my normal Hassio instance is “” - which host adress is the correct?

Further more I can see in the config_entries that the port should be “40850”.

But if I try the following in order to retrieve something: “” I just get an error stating “Request failed”.

I also tried the above with the normal Hassio host adress, but same error.

How do I connect via REST?

Hi Morten,

Did you ever get your problem solved?

I’m in the exact same position trying to use the deCONZ rest-api to set the sensitivity on my hue sensors which is hooked up on my deCONZ integration in Home Assistant (using a conbee II device). I can’t seem to figure out how to get connection outside of HA.