How to connect to VirtualBox Home Assistant instance from other computers on home network?

I have HA 2021.5.5 running in a VirtualBox on a headless Mac Mini. Everything is running fine on that Mac at http://homeassistant.local:8123.

How do I connect to that machine and the HA instance from other computers on the home network?

The IP for the Mac Mini is, do I need to edit hosts file to point to the VM? How do I find the IP for that? Is that the value in the Host Network Manager?

What I used VirtualBox on windows I made sure the VM had a bridged network adapter to get an ip address from the home network. The default is to NAT through a network local to the VirtualBox host.

Adapter 1 for the VM is set to Bridged AdapterIn my VB under “Host Network Manager” there is an entry called “vboxnet0” with an IPv4 address/mask of and under DHCP adapter a server address of The Mac Mini is on, i can SSH into that machine using that IP.

What are these other two IPs? A ping to ether of them fails.