How to control Night Light's starting and end time on Yeelight devices?


I’m running Home Assistant OS 2021.8.8 on a VM with a lot of Xiaomi devices including Yeelight lights (bedside lamps, ceiling lights). The lights have a seeting in Mi Home and Yeelight apps to control the start and end time of night light. So whenever you turn on the light between 22:00 and 6:00 in my case, night light mode will be activated. The problem is, I don’t want this to be a fixed value for multuple reasons. One is DST, whenever it happens, I have to recnfigure all the lights. Second, the time I go to bed is irregular, whenever I trigger the “Bedtime” routin with Google Home, I would like to have the lights to adopt to the actual conditions. I know it would be easy with smart switches, where the click action can be identified, but the Yeelight lights are connected through their official SLISAON switches, so no click action… In Home Assistant, I can find the binary_entries which are on whenever the night mode is active (in my case, they turn to on at 22:00 and off at 6:00), so the selected light mode is in line with this. Is there a chance to control this indicator (not the binary sensor, but the value which is dusplayed as the nightlight binary sensor)? I tried to use Yeelight’s own service to set the mode to nightmode, but it turns on the light immediately, which I don’t want. Any help would be appreciated to eliminate the official apps and the manual work of changing the night mode validity. Thank you.