How to control RS232 device from inside Docker

Hi, I am trying to control a serial device from within my docker container, but it doesn’t seem to contain the executables I need for the command-line switch (namely echo) does anyone else have a good way to do this? (note the data I need to send is in hex, and doesn’t seem to translate well into ASCII.

I wound up putting a pair of python scripts into my config directory, and calling those with the command line switch

echo is available as a builtin function for bash(1) and there’s also a /bin/echo in the official docker container.
Am I missing something?


More likely I was, I’m not terribly experienced with docker, and I couldn’t manage to trigger the RS232 command from within HA, once i created the python scripts everything works nicely

Can you please explain how I put a config to run commands in the hass docker image?

Additionally, does anyone know how to setup a serial port that maps to a RS232 to IP device?