How to correct a wrong data point?

I had issues with my energy integration for APSystems, so it was disable for some weeks.

Today I corrected it and I re enabled the energy production in the Energy dashboard, but for some reason the first data point is negative, and a lot so. Basically it cancels all the production of the year so far.

How can I undo the mistake? I basically need to delete that single data point. The following ones are correct, see screenshot.

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Ok it was not intuitive but I got it.

Developer panel - statistics - filter by the statistics with the issue
Now the NOT intuitive part: even if it says “no issues”, click on the icon at rightmost end of the row, the one with a slanted wedge.
Then select the time of the issue and set the value to zero.

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Did you find a way to also update the related costs? I had a hickup with my gas meter sensor tonight, and with your description I was able to fix the measuring values in the energy dashboard, but the calculated costs still stayed the same in the dashbord.

The costs got updated automatically but you can probably do the same for the costs, pick the correct sensor in the page about the statistics

Could you explain more?
I have today fixed some issues near the fuse box. HA does recognize some power outage, it does correct some of the measured cummulative values.

But the energy overview shows a “correction” in the PV panels of 400kW. On a rainy day in december…

It just seems like all the measurements are zeroed. The developer options provide a means to input values but HA does not seem to pick up these adjusted values anywhere. I feel like weeping and just zero all of HA statistics since the current overview is completely garbage.

Hello, i would like to bump that. today i had to do a restore and some entity state are wrong (old state because of restore)
i tried to adjust via developer tools-stats but the entity is not listed.

so i tried to set the correct values with the DB Browser for SQLite. When i change the values in the database and commit the homeassistant frontend doesn´t show the new values, only the old (wrong) ones.

I have homeassistant OS running in a proxmox vm.

Why does the database show diffeternt values than homeassistant?
Screenshot 2024-06-10 115954