How to :counter1 as a water flowmeter on Wemos D1 + DS8b20 + YF-B7 -> Tasmota -> MQTT -> Home Assistant

Hey all,

I’m quite new to domotics. I managed to set up a Home assistant on a virtual machine, set up a Wemos D1 with 2 temperature sensors (DS8B20) and a flowmeter (YF-B7).

I used Tasmota to flash the Wemos. Configured it (D4 GPIO 2 → Counter 1) (D2 GPIO4 → DS18x20) and used MQTT to read the values in Home Assistant.

However, how do i configure/program the counter so I can use it as a flow meter? Really new to this stuff, and very overwhelming. Hope someone can help me.

The end goal is to measue temperatures and flow from a radiator so i can convert that to kWh’s and read/use in Home assistant.
(and advice on how to do that is very welcome too)