How to create a binary for the ESP Web Tools

I have created a really simple project called the pc-switch.

The esphome yaml config can be found here:

How do I create a binary from that yaml in order to allow user to use the web flasher on my documentation which I am just setting up?

I have read the the ESP Web Tools and I can integrate the web flasher in my website and point it to a binary.
I also tried to use the binary which is produced by the ESHPome Home Assistant Add-On, but this will lead to a binary with my WiFi credentials. That is not what I want :wink:

Can someone push me into the right direction?

delete the wifi credentials … it is not needed

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A quick question about the parts. I just want to make sure I am getting the right stuff as I am really interested in this project. I just ordered some of your pcbs and I am not sure of the optocoupler el817s. Looking at them it looks like there are multiple types. Could you link to the right ones? I don’t understand the SOP4, DIP4
Thank you.


I am not actively spending more time on the project since I do not enjoy hardware debugging at all :smiley:
I got these ones from amazon Germany:

Hope that helps.

Going to try and find them more local. This looks interesting as a project. Also ordered the ewelink remote to flash with esphome. Going to see how these work. Of nothing else it should be fun to play around with both projects. If they work out will help out with my automations. WOL is such a hit and miss.