How to create a dropdown in dashboard for all entities to populate a more-info card

Does anyone know if it is possible to have a dropdown of all entities as a card in a dashboard, the selection from which then populates the entity field of a more-info card?

Use case - I spend a lot of time in the settings/entities view jumping back and forth between a small number of cards related to whatever I am working on/fixing at that time. I could have multiple windows each showing one entity, but there must be a neater way.

What I want to do is make a dashboard where I can quickly bring up a 2-3 cards and leave them visible while I code and play in another window.

I thought it would be easy - but fell down at the first hurdle of the dropdown box with all entities

I’m also not sure if I can use a template that uses the dropdown entry as a variable for a more-info card

Any ideas?


All entities or entities within a certain domain? Have you looked at these?

The auto entities card named by LiQuid_cOOled, combined with tags might be a good fit. It isn’t a drop down though. But you can tag the entities you are working on, and they stay there until you decide to tag some others. And you can use multiple select to tag.