How to create a wait times in automations for Mqtt device

I appreciate this is probably basic but I can’t seem to find the answer despite searching.
I’m using the inbuilt automation creator rather than yaml.
I am trying to create an automation on a garage door whereby if it’s left open for X minutes it sends a notification.
My trigger type is an Mqtt device but the condition options don’t seem to have anything for a period of time like “after 5 minutes”.
Please help. Thanks

The “5 minutes” option needs to be configured in the trigger, not the conditions.there should be an option “for” where you can specify for how long the state needs to be as you specified in order to trigger the automation.

In addition to the (fully correct) advice above, I would advocate that this scenario is a better fit for the Alert component rather than an automation.

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There is no “for” option in the drop downs. Perhaps its because its an Mqtt device?

Reason 17,423,265 for avoiding device triggers. Use a state trigger.


I don’t use the automation editor,however just tried it and I see a duration option when using a device trigger.

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Changing to a state trigger worked @mf_social thanks for that. @Burningstone its a MQTT device so it doesn’t appear as a device as such…

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That doesn’t make sense, then it’s probably an entity and not a device,which would explain why it doesn’t show up in the device triggers.

Yes sorry - its an entity not a device. I assume there’s no way of making it a device?

There is, if the device supports MQTT Auto Discovery or if you send your own discovery message to the MQTT broker.

Brilliant. Will try that thank you.