How to define a HA 'thing' so Alexa can respond to 'open'/'close' or 'raise'/'lower'

My garage door is controlled by an MQTT command to a downstream device.
Can anybody help please with how entities etc could be defined in HA so that, to Alexa, they respond to voice command of ‘open’/‘close’ or ‘raise’/‘lower’ ?

I have tried a few things like creating input_boolean helper that acts as a trigger to an automation but Alexa only responds to commands like ‘turn on’ which doesn’t seem to fit a ‘door’.

Thanks for your advice


How are you integrating to Alexa?
Via NabuCasa? If that is the case, you can setup a cover in HA and Alexa will understand de open/close command.

Edward, Thank you.
I am not using NabuCasa just the ’ Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill’
I am new to this could you please explain how to

‘setup a cover in HA’ ?

I thought that was the way to go but it needs to have a device at the bottom. If I try and add a device it wants me to pick a brand. Can you have virtual devices ?

Edward, thanks for your lead / prompt.
I can answer my own question now.
Use a Template to create a cover entity and 2 simple scripts, one to send open command and one for close. It is much neater now with all the workaround stuff removed.
see Template Cover - Home Assistant

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