How to delete a mistakenly created input_text entity without unique ID

I am new to Home Assistant and playing with various ways to automate. I needed an entity where I could set the state to a text string programmatically so that it could be used by various automations. To achieve that, I created an input_text helper entity in the UI and was using an API to set its state programmatically from node-red addon. Unfortunately, due to a typo in the entity name in my API call, a new entity got created mistakenly. When I try to delete this entity from the UI, it popped up a message saying the entity does not have a unique ID therefore its settings cannot be managed from the UI. I can set states for this entity in Developer Tool and even through the API but I would prefer to just delete it since it was mistakenly created. I have browsed the DB file using SQLite and found entries related to it in state and state_meta tables but these look like state histories and it does not feel like deleting these would do any good. I also checked the core.entity_registry and core.device_registry files and do not see this listed anywhere. The entity clearly exists regardless and HA can see it. How do I get rid of it completely? I am sure this would happen again so how do I go about getting rid of them? I would really appreciate help with this. Thanks!

The entity appears to have disappeared by itself after several hours. I do not understand how or why.