How to delete "unwanted" ONVIF integration

Hi ,

There is already a working ONVIF Integration already with Dlink 042L camera but after a HA restart a second instance of ONVIF intergartion has been installed as per attached screenshot.

I cannot delete it ( or don’t know how ) as there is no option for that.

Please any advice to remove it
Thank you

I deleted the ONVIF integration , restarted HA and created again the ONVIF integration and the fake ONVIF integration was not recreated


Hi ,

I re-open the issue because after an HA restart , 2 new integrations are displayed although no camera and NAS has been added.

Screenshot enclosed

I do not know about which input is used by the integration system to discover possible devices .
The issue is that there is no CANCEL button to EXIT
Please any advice to investigate why this is happening ?

Normally an integration with state DISCOVERED has a 2nd button IGNORE but this button is missing in the screeshot.