How to disable MQTT integration device update alerts?

A simple question I can’t find the answers anywhere to - is it possible to disable MQTT update checks and notifications when using the MQTT integration?

I’m running Home Assistant in a Docker container and MQTT broker in it’s own container etc.

I keep getting update notifications in Home Assistant on the Settings page alerting to MQTT device updates. I neither want or need them. Looks like this isn’t possible to disable looking at official docs?

Each device has an update entity you can disable on the device page.

Ah ok thanks. I’m seeing “update.[device name]” on the device and “[device name] update available” at the end of the name on the binary_sensor entries. Do I disable both or is it one of them for each device?

Just disable update.[device name] for each device. Ignore the binary sensor.

Ok will do - thanks! Shame there isn’t a way to simply disable the update checks in the config file.