How to disable Tasmota auto-discovery


I want to use auto-discovery but Home Assistant automatically also tries to subscribe to tasmota/discovery/# and I’m not allowed so the broker disconnects me.

How can I use auto-discovery without having the “tasmota/discovery/#” subscription?

Thanks in advance

Do you have the Tasmota integration installed with the MQTT integration, or only the MQTT integration?

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I have only the MQTT integration. I tried to do it in others computers and I always get the same result.
I have also tried to install the Tasmota integration to change the topic to a topic that I can access but it does the subscription to the topic I choice and stills tries to subscribe to tasmota/discovery/# topic.

(I’m in Home Assistant 2021.4.4)

It appears that the MQTT integration is responsible for subscribing to both discovery topics homeassistant and tasmota. The integration does allow you to disable the discovery function but then it will probably disable subscription to both topics. As far as I know, you can’t choose which one to disable. You can specify a different discovery topic than homeassistant but I am unaware of a similar capability for the tasmota topic.

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I don’t have any Tasmota devices that run tasmota 9.X, but in integrations I always see the tasmota integration has discovered new devices ? I would like to disable that too.

It sounds like a Feature Request is needed: permit changing the root topic for Tasmota discovery. It would address mil0tix’s needs and would prevent finding any of francisp’s tasmotized devices.

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