How to discover zwave device with Aon Stick

Hello, i have followed the install guide for a Rpi and then zwave with my Aeon gen5 zwave stick.

I have no error in home-assistant.log but how can i configure/add new device ? I linked device like fibaro smoke sensor with the stick but when plug in back to the Rpi nothing appears anywhere.

Still netdisco.service: Scanning in the logs tha’s all.

Thx for your help.

If you removed the stick from your RPI you have to reboot it to make the stick available again (i’ve noticed).

Though you probably should have used the service zwave.add_node instead because the Smoke Sensor is a “secure device” that requires a zwave networkKey to be configured in your network. And when linking your zwave devices manually through the stick it is linked in normal mode and will probably not get linked correctly.

What i would do:

  1. Reboot your RPI (with the stick connected)
  2. If the Smoke Sensor does not appear in the gui, reset the Smoke Sensor
  3. Make sure you configured a NetworkKey in OpenZWave ( … etwork-key) You might need to restart Hass after this, not sure.
  4. Open hass gui Service-page (your-ip:8123/devService) and press the one named “zwave/add_node” and press the “Call Service”-button. This will activate the inclusion process as if you would have started the process through the stick.
  5. Activate the smoke-sensor for inclusion

Now you should get all the smoke-sensors sensors in your hass-gui.

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Thx for this i will try. What shoud i do if i want to add a normal zwave device without security ?

You may do it any way you want, but I find it easier using the service in HASS because the devices show up immediately. Good luck!