How to display local time in lovelace

Can anyone tell me why this displays UTC instead of local time?

  - platform: command_line
    name: get_time_date
    command: date "+ %I:%M %p";echo;date "+%b-%d-%Y"

My Lovelace display shows UTC while the same command on the rPi console shows the correct time.

Thanks for any advice.

Any specific reason you’re using command line to get date/time rather than built-in template/sensor?

Umm, No. Probably ignorance on my part. How would I get a sensor car to display:

07:32 PM Aug-02-2021 (it’s actually 3:32 here Us Eastern TZ


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This works to eliminate the time-zone issue. I can’t seem to format the date to say Aug 03, 2021 instead of 2021-08-03 though.
Thanks for the tip - At least the time is correct now.


To alter the formatting, you’d have to use templates, but then the sensor is probably redundant.
See Templating - Home Assistant