How to drive WIFI devices?

Hi everyone,
I’m a newbie. I’ve been using Smart Life for a while and I decided to move to HA instead.
After struggling a lot with ZHA and Zigbee2MQTT I finally managed to get pretty much all my zigbee devices to work.
My main issue is on my 3 WIFI devices (a MOES switch, a KETOTEK Thermostat and a DOOWIFI Teleruptor).
At first I disconnected all of them from Smart Life, but I didn’t see them on HA, so I decided to connect them back to my wifi network using SMART Life… but I still do not see them (or I see device_tracker.thermostat…) but I cannot use them at all.
However, my LG TV which is connected to my WIFI network has been connected automatically by HA without me doing anything and I can control it. I don’t understand how it works for other WIFI devices.
After researches everywhere I didn’t manage to understand how it works. I read that I should look for the brand of the device and add it. But my devices are not available in the HA brands available (…
Thanks in advance for any help you could give.

Were you ever able to connect the Ketotek? I have a TRV that says that it is Zigbee compatible.

no unfortunately it doesn’t work. I bought another zigbee thermostat and… it doesn’t work either with HomeAssistant and ZHA. It connects but there is no entity at all to play with…

I converted over from ZHA to Zigbee2MQTT. I found that some devices that I really struggled to connect to ZHA just popped into Z2M.

I think smartlife is in the backbone from the brand Tuya.

I suggest to delete the devices from the Smartlife app and add them to the Tuya app. (Try 1)

There is an integration for Tuya in home assistant.

I tried it but after a trial period the tuya integration stopped working…


Oké…very minor information here.
Why did it stop? What does the log of Home Assistant say? What integration did you use? > There are 2 Tuya integrations. Tuya or Local Tuya.
I prefer the local Tuya integration but it is a lot of work to set it up > Read manual.

Smart home WiFi devices don’t like a mixed WiFi network (2.4Ghz-5Ghz). They prefer 2.4Ghz only!
Maybe network related issue?