How to duplicate automations where only some vars change?

Hello everybody,
I have some Zigbee switches and want to use them in my flat. I set up 5 automations for my first switch and would like to set up the rest of my switches the same way. In the best way I do not have to copy it over and over again.
In general there are around 10 parameters per switch that I would have to set individually. Is there a way to store the components as template and reuse it with parameters as input? I could not figure out how I could do this till now.

Take a look at blueprints.

thanks for your reply.
I checked the possibilities and it looks like a solution that would work. But I would need to set up 5 blueprints and set them up one after another and if I would like to change anythin in the automations I would need to adapt each on manually.

Is there any other way to set the automations up in a more general way to make them editable in a singe place later on?

You don’t need 5 automations for a switch, combine them into one automation, then make a blueprint. This way you obly ever need to change one file when making structural changes and for changes of the individual switches you can edit the config through the UI or in YAML.